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  • Fiber laser marking machine
  • 10w 20w 30w 50w fiber laser marking machine. Applicable:Metal,alloy,oxide,ABS,epoxy resin,printing ink,etc. electronics,jewelry,automobiles,communication products,plastic buttons,IC,etc.
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  • CO2 laser marking machine
  • 20W 30W 60W CO2 flying laser marking machine
  • Applicable:leather,wood,Paper,Glass
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  • UV laser marking machine
  • Metal / Glass / Plastic / Leather / Ceramic / ABS / PVC / Paper Electronic components, integrated circuits, battery chargers, electronic wires, computer accessories, mobile phone accessories (phone screen, LCD screen, cell phone keys, plastic button) and communications products
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  • Pump laser marking machine
  • Applications: Mobile phone keypad, Electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), PCB; Electrical appliances, communication products, signage; Sanitary ware, hardware products; Tool accessories, precision instruments panels, jewellery marking; auto parts; PVC pipes, clock and eye glass, medical instrument, beverage package.
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